Raise the Bar: Week 8: Hat or Scarf

My kids are always walking around with this bucket on their heads. Don't ask me why. They are just silly.


Raise the Bar: Week 7: Friend

I just love that Abby's cousins get along so well. This was shot in the summer when we visited Idaho. I miss family. They are the best of friends.


Raise the Bar: Week 6: Street Scene

The View from my window

This is the day after we had a huge freak storm this week. All day Tuesday it was nice and cloudy/sunny with no chance of precipitation and there was talk that a storm was coming our way. I didn't believe it of course because we get this news a lot and then nothing ever really happens. The storms usually don't hit us or we only get a skiff of snow. So, I went to bed looking out the window and nothing. No way we were getting any snow. I woke up the next day and there was snow everywhere. I'd say 6-8 inches. I wish I would have taken a photo right then but I was too busy (or forgetful) getting the kids breakfast and yada yada yada. So this is in the afternoon and I happened to catch my neighbor doing a nice thing for his neighbor. He was shoveling her walk. He's such a nice guy and a great example.


Raise the Bar: Week 5: Simplicity

Embracing Film

I shot these with Kodak Gold 200 & Kodak Portra 400 film in the Fall and wanted to share them with you. The grain is really growing on me.


Visit to Phipps

I just love seeing the unique flowers and greenery they have at Phipps Gardens.


Raise the Bar: Week 4: Red Lips

Meet my friend Lucia. She posed for me today for the red lips challenge. We pretty much froze our butts, I mean fingers off.


Raise the Bar: Week 3: Laugh

Family Reunion in Bear Lake Summer of 2012. Pretty sure what they were laughing at is inappropriate for this post. :)